The Dhance: A Caregivers Search for Meaning


Practical Spiritual help for dealing with a crisis now.

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“Within these pages you will read of a man’s journey, begun and ongoing in search of a relationship to God that would sustain him through all the challenges of his lifetime.”Carol Martha Cross

I see this book as part of a life-long search for “what life is all about.” As a boy, growing up in the hills of Kentucky, I seldom received satisfactory answers to my questions about God and life and why bad things happened to seemingly good people. I became convinced I needed to conduct myself as Jesus had if I was going to ever please God. By the time I was seventeen, I felt so guilty for not being able to achieve my near-perfect standard, I gave up trying.

For the next twenty plus years, I used my quick wit and sharp tongue to keep any talk of God at least an arm’s length away from me. About age forty, a growing emptiness that I couldn’t fill convinced me to start again searching to “figure life out.” I found no satisfactory answers until I met Reverend Carol Ruth Knox three years later. … In 2009, my precious wife Carol was diagnosed with Stage 3, Level C ovarian cancer. This wasn’t the path I’d expect on my way to God, but this is the path I’ve been given. These past three years have been my “graduate course” in deepening my relationship with the Divine.

“More than a powerful love story, “The Dhance” serves as a Spiritual Practice guide to courageously working through a major life crisis.”  Greg Finch, Licensed Teacher, Unity Worldwide Ministries


The Dhance is practical spiritual help for dealing with a crisis now.

$19.95 plus Shipping & Handling